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Founded in 2012, KERO has been on its beginning a general fiction publisher that has established a name for itself through several best-sellers such as Laurent Gounelle’s novels. Since 2017 KERO’s editorial line is focused on non-fiction and humour books (such as Laurent Baffie or Philippe Vandel’s works), memoirs, current affairs (Principal de college ou Imam de la République by Bernard Ravet), or autobiographies (Le Dictionnaire de ma vie by Eric Dupond-Moretti) , all of them with great impact on sales and media.


Editions KERO

21 rue du Montparnasse
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Rigths Team

Rights Director : Patricia Roussel : proussel@calmann-levy.fr

Foreign & Subsidiary rights : Sarah Chamard schamard@calmann-levy.fr 


Foreign Rights

If you are interested in considering any of our books for translation, please do not hesitate to send us translation queries.





Adaptations audiovisuelles

Pour toute demande d’adaptation audiovisuelle, merci de contacter Patricia Roussel : proussel@calmann-levy.fr

Pour toute demande d’adaptation théâtrale, lecture publique, lecture radiophonique, merci de nous contacter à l’adresse suivante : cessionskero@editionskero.com

Si vous souhaitez recevoir nos programmes de droits audiovisuels, remplissez le formulaire suivant :



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