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Kero was born out of the conviction that the revolution in the book market called for a whole new type of publishing company - one that reflected the way authors relate to their readers today.

Editions Kero provides authors with a new way of working with their publisher: a different kind of relationship, based around shared values and creative ambitions, for all types of media, both print and digital - and leading to a unique new encounter between authors’ message and those who read it.

With a score of books already published, this new approach to publishing has hit the mark, gaining the confidence of authors, attracting a wide range of works and enjoying huge public success.

A different way of relating to authors

  • Editions Kero releases a maximum of 25 titles a year - ensuring plenty of time is devoted to each book in an increasingly tough market.
  • Editions Kero offers authors a new type of contractual relationship, enshrined in an appropriately new form of contract (in terms of duration, percentages, advertising, and so on), rooted in a relationship of trust and characterised by balance, transparency and freedom.
  • Editions Kero gives authors permanent, dedicated, real-time access to print, distribution and sales figures for their works.

All the potential of multi-channel publishing

  • Editions Kero is committed to providing authors with 360° resources to get their message out in France and internationally, using print, digital and broadcast media.
  • Editions Kero can draw on a powerful distribution network in France and internationally, as well as its media investments.

Immediate support from authors (top 10 list)

  • Laurent Gounelle,
  • Laurent Baffie,
  • Philippe Vandel,
  • Serge Hefez,
  • Marek Halter,
  • Michel Rostain (Prix Goncourt award for a début novel),
  • Catherine Charrier,
  • Mitch Albom,
  • Gayle Forman…

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